Spiritual Counseling


Thich Nhat Hanh says happiness and suffering go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. Learning to nurture your suffering like a mother does her child is vital. The Lotus flower is born from the mud, rises through the waters, rises above the water and up into the sky. When she opens, she has complete beauty and purity. Yet she knows she is born from the mud. These are words of Truth and nothing more. Looking at our whole person and honoring the innate wisdom and connection both within (constitution) and without (connection to Mother Nature & the Universe) is the purpose / dharma of the spiritual counseling. Everything is interconnected and we are all unique with our life path. All of my life's work is interconnected, so if you wish to receive counseling, you may be dipping your toes into sitting with breath, chakra work, herbalism, forest bathing, anointing with mantras and holy water, dedicating merit to heal.

Let us together reconnect with the spirit, look at the path you walk, observe what is at the root of any fluctuating patterns and stress, create your sacred hoop (medicine wheel), observe and strengthen ethics, observe the 8-limb path (ashtanga yoga) if it helps to liberate. May we clear the path together and learn about the "Red Road". the path to walk on with presence. 


You have all the power you need to smile with your whole heart and get through whatever it is and see it as your "Medicine" in life.  It is now time for me to listen with compassion and be there for You. 

One can Learn to go through daily life and create a regular sitting spiritual practice, heal and nurture sufferings, and empower the Self and the great path. What is the truth of the suffering? Can you identify and come to terms with the suffering? Can you hold on to this part that is suffering and maternally care and support it? How are you daily caring for it? How can you create the cessation of suffering? Do you see all of the taproots and seeds of the suffering messing up your Zen Garden? The cycle of suffering can end for everyone. It is more of a question and knowing the right tools and supporting it wholistically, being patient and working on it throughout your lifetime with love and respect.  Let us look at the light and the dark, the yin and the yang, and yoke it!! 


There is no other important time than Now. When there are pebbles, chi stagnation, rocks, boulders upon your Red Road, one needs to learn the tools to walk and remove the obstacles and taproots. This is possible for everyone. May we all learn to do this responsibly with smiling compassion. 

I am in service to You. Namakara  (counseling by the hour is slide-scale)

Lotus Anwen Wachiwi Sagebrush (satya) ULC minister