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 Rosa Albus

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"And I saw that the sacred hoop of my people as one of many hoops that make one circle " - Black Elk

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“Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists”

As above, so below, all is connected

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"When I get to know your mind/body/heart connection, I can tailor and help you create harmony within and without." - Lotus Anwen Wachiwi Sagebrush

Lotus Anwen (satya) wants all of the community to experience a 'tailored' level of care. 


MESA Mother Earth Sanctuary of Appalachia Asheville, NC Andrew Morizio (919)454-9441 Jyotish (Vedic Astrology)  Training Pachang Utility (Time Cipher) Training Relationship Compatability Causal Healing and Well-Being Practices Counseling and Mentoring Supplements and Remedies

Rosa Albus Apothecary

Lotus Anwen (Satya) goal is simple: to provide high-quality Herbology / Yoga tailored to one's constitution with Vitalist thought. I am currently teaching yoga therapy through YMCA Asheville. My goal is to go above and beyond to cater to each tailored vedic driven yoga & herbal formulation, Infusion, Decoction, and Topical herbal. With presence and universal loving-kindness, I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for with Rosa Albus' Yoga & Herbal Apothecary. For more information or general inquiries, contact me and I am happy to share space with you. / 828-230-8334 / Dm on Anwen sagebrush Fb


 With selfless service, it is an honor to be there for you as a 'bridge' between this world we live in and nature (prakriti).

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Meeting Your Needs

Rosa works to minimize her carbon footprint as much as possible. All herbal formulations/ herbal support are delivered in biodegradable or recyclable containers to nurture You and love the environment. Know herbal consults can be helpful in-person/ phone/ virtual to make sure you are ordering what you need based on your constitution and receive timely delivery.


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In Their Words

Teressa Spencer

Vedic Thai is wonderful!!!! Relieves stress and tension very well. Lotus is very intelligent and has many years of experience in both yoga and herbal supplements. After she completes my full body Vedic Thai I feel totally different. The tension in my shoulders and neck just melt away. She is amazing. Her farm is not very far from Waynesville and it is a beautiful ride. Highly recommend her services!

I always had traditional deep tissue massage and wanted to try something new. TRUST ME.. Treat yourself to a Thai Massage with Lotus, you will not be disappointed. She is extremely knowledgeable about her practice and very professional. I've been a loyal customer for years! She wonderful!" -Jessica Walsh

"I've been seeing Lotus for over 10 years, starting from when I had an acute shoulder problem-which she very much helped fix-to the present. I was sad to see her leave Durham, but I've continued to get Thai bodywork from her in Asheville. Highly recommend for caring, attentive, and healing bodywork." - Wayne Lee 

"Quite simply the best bodywork I have ever received. Lotus is very in tune with what's going on in your body and communicates really well. I have and will continue, to go a long way for this work. Can't say enough good things." - John Newall

" I have only ever had the very best experience with Lotus. Her massage is wonderful and her yoga instruction is very helpful. Absolutely recommend her." - Polly Riseling


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