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Picking Grapes
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Yoga, Herbal, & G.I.

According to Dr. Karmananda in The Yogic Management of Common Diseases, the digestive organs, glands, and solar plexus of nerves are symbolized by the Manipura Chakra. Also, Samana Vayu governs over the function of our core. Did you know there is mantra / blessings you can pray over for Samana? Samana is the centralizing balance between Apana and Prana Vayu. The health of our gut can say so much about the vitality within.

Through Yoga asanas, pranayamas, shatkarmas, aim to purify and support the digestive tract and other systems of the body. In TTM (Traditional Thai Medicine) the Som-dun (fire element) is responsible for the state of being healthy and in balance. Yet each constitution is different and this must be understood and studied individually to maintain the state of healthy being.

"Balanced Fire will age at the correct rate, meaning that tissue and cells will not deteriorate too fast. Skin will have good color and tone, and will be oily enough but not too oily. Healthy Fire will have good drive, motivation, and willpower, clear strong speech, and an ability to focus." (Seven Peppercorns, Traditional Thai Medical Theory for Bodyworkers, by Nephyr Jacobsen).

Here are some examples of how I tailor yoga and vedic thai yoga for digestive disorders followed by following the patterns to the root cause and supporting a shift through Herbalism. Some yoga therapeutics that can be addressed for upper g.i. are: pawanmuktasana series 2, nadhi shodhana and bhastrika pranayama, agnisar kriya, belly breathing and yoga nidra. Avoid spicy, pungent, sugary, refined, and processed foods. With peptic ulcers, it is important to have the first initial healing stage in place before reintroducing asana. However Bhramari and Nadhi Shodhana pranayama can encourage more balance right away with the nervous system and have healthy sense withdrawal focus. Yoga nidra, done correctly, induces a state of mental and emotional relaxation and support, resolve inner anxieties and conflicts as well as a sitting practice. Ayurveda recommends avoiding all spicy and heavy foods, smoking and alcohol of course is to be avoided.

Suryanamaskara is very helpful every day in regards to constipation, and asana ie. forward and backbending poses. Bhastrika with khumbhaka practiced can be a healthy breathing aide, as well as agnisar kriya. Ayurveda recommends avoiding starchy foods and increase fruits and vegetables, with rice, figs, and prunes.

Supporting the agni when suffering from Colitis: Pawanmuktasana 1, 2, and 3 should be practiced with suryanamaskara, along with asana ie. paschimottanasana, shalabhasana. Pranayamas like ujjayi and nadhi shodhana are suggested. Yoga mudras like yoga mudra, ashwini mudra are encouraged. Again agnisar kriya and yoga nidra are supporters. One needs to sit with breathing and sense withdrawal techniques to recognize and counteract the subconscious psychic factors of this imbalance. There is a specific Ayurvedic diet for those suffering with Colitis and it is important to look into it from all angles.

Malabsorption states are suffered for various cascading reasons and it is important to get consult work done to understand the root of the problem. Yoga can help those that suffer from poor digestive ability, loss of appetite, wight loss, and unexplained anemia, but remember all must consult with a Dr. and then add someone like me to the team for a holistic point of help. Pawanmuktasana 2 helps to restore strong digestive function. Yoga chikitsa practice can be slowly added thereafter along with asana like ardha matsyendrasana. pranayama and sense withdrawal stages must be considered. nadhi shodhana is always perfect to start with and throughout due to how it connects the nervous system with the gut. Adding in khumbhaka, bhastrika, and the bandhas as your practice develops is suggested. One needs to hone in on optimizing digestive health, overcoming negative feelings in the gut and where they come from, and work on yoga that overcomes psychological blockage. Keeping a holistic simple vegetarian food with avoiding rich, pungent, spicy, refined foods is suggested. Eliminate all smoking, drugs, and alcohol use again.

Although the above was a lot to take in, it is just a brief understanding of how Yoga and vedic Thai Yoga practice tailored to You, your constitution, your imbalances with your internal ecosystems can start you on a path to health with your G.I. I love and respect this road and am happy to help. I would recommend with getting a consult with me so I can address things with you through Yoga and herbology.

TTM Digestive Tea

*helps indigestion and stomach cramps; and aides clearing colds, congestion, flu, fever

one handful of fresh organic basil leaves

one handful of fresh organic peppermint leaves

1 teaspoon organic black peppercorns

steep in the hot water, that was boiled, for ie. 5 minutes

CCF tea (Ayurvedic) digestive

simmer cumin seed, Coriander, and Fennel seed for ie. 20 minutes. Feel free to add Star anise. Let it steep off the stove for a bit. Then drink this digestive tea as a carminative.

A teaspoon of ghee with rice everyday can be very helpful for the G.I.

A prebiotic decoction of the following is always encouraged

organic Dandelion root, Burdock root simmered together for ie. 20-30 minutes, then let it steep. Drink. We all need to repair our guts and strengthen our gut flora! Our microbiome health is crucial to a healthy body and our mirror image to Mother Earth with her microbiome health. If you experienced dryness in the gut, doing a cold infusion of Marshmallow root the night before in your frig and taken the next day is helpful for moisture level in the gut and is a prebiotic.

Again, there are many different imbalances in the gut, from malabsorption to leaky gut to colitis. It is important to sit down in-person or virtually with an herbalist (with talking to your Dr. too for their point of view and role) and talk about your constitution. How is your Liver /Gall Bladder? Do you have a skin condition? Why is your gut imbalanced? Do you suffer an imbalance somewhere else in the body too? Are you hot /cold, moist/dry? Did you have another imbalance prior to this digestive issue? How are you managing your stress levels?

I look forward to creating a consult both herbal and yoga for you or your loved one. I have virtual yoga and breath / meditation available for all - mixed level. Through Rosa Albus, I have privates available both in-person and virtually for Yoga, Vedic Thai Yoga, and to help you through Vitalist-driven Herbalism.


Lotus anwen Wachiwi Sagebrush (satya)

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