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Yoga and digestion

"The importance of elevating the eating process from a mechanical habit to a conscious and pleasurable act in which a moderate quantity of simple, pure food, sufficient to maintain the body's requirements, is eaten with full awareness, cannot be overestimated." Yogic Mangement of Common Diseases, by Dr. Karmananda

Building a solid yoga practice in your life helps to adjust food desire and cravings. One does not have to be perfect, but this shift in eating does take place with a solid yoga practice. Awareness builds, and one craves more fresh fruit and other foods the body really does nee. When you can make the time to sit and eat in peace and quiet while you eat, it really helps build awareness as well.

The following practices can be of help to you:

Pawanmuktasana 2 for digestive health. Try practicing in the morning for complaints in the digestive region.

Forward bends always help the gut whether they be standing, sitting, or laying on your back like in apasana.

Spinal twists are great for the joints yes, but they also have a direct impact on the whole digestive system.

Practicing nadhi shodhana daily helps to balance your nervous system so you have a healthy rest and digest.

Uddiyana, Moola, and jalandhara bandha can be encouraged with poses and breath science to aide digestion.

Practicing yoga nidra between 2-6pm can help the systems reboot.

When practicing yoga, sitting and breathing into the navel region can be practiced.

There are so many things we can do to keep up with our health. We are the boss of our body, and so the more we take the reins and stay responsible about it the better.

blessings, Lotus Anwen Wachiwi Sagebrush (satya)

my Q & A yoga / herbal webinar will be rebooting as business reestablishes this Winter. There is much to help you with. When it begins, we will troubleshoot multiple imbalances and how we can realign them through yogic management and herbalism.

Gentle Fiber blend laxative that tones and imporoves the function of the colon

1 part psyllium

1 part ground flax

1 part triphala powder

have up to three teaspoons as needed for fiber.

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