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Wholistic Herbalism

Aloe Vera

To truly have a #vitalist #astrological Herbalist look at plants, we have to see the big picture.

Here is a list from my studies today with one of my teachers #Sajahpopham from #evolutionaryherbalism.

What is the Environment of the plant?

What is its Morphology?

What is the plant's taste?

What is the action (s) of the plant?

What are the affinitiy (ies) of the plant?

What are the energetics of the plant ally?

We need to take into consideration the Wholeness of the plant in regards to connecting plant allies for our health to rebalance, reharmonize, remember our place with the great microcosm / macrocosm relationship.

Yoga #yoga absolutely needs to be reconnected to Us in the same way. Yoga has been heavily materialized globally. It's vital connections to us seasonally, with it's yogic management to: organ affinity (ies) and energetics is very important to understand. The mind/ body/ heart connection with each #asana #pranayama #dosha #mantra #shatkarma #pratyahara #dharana and more from yogic living needs to be addressed to help support the Whole person with the utmost respect to this ancient wisdom.

Rosa Albus yoga & herbal apothecary is on a daily mission to reconnect folk from an honorable loving place to current and past teachers, to the earth / #prakritti, and to the universe.


Lotus Anwen Wachiwi Sagebrush (satya)

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