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Warming the interior

Maintaining the central fire within just like a bed of coals is very important for our digestive fire, as well as opening the periphery. Agni Sara and nauli kriya assist with this point from Ayurveda and a solid yoga practice with band ha study. Consuming the right foods is very important, and all the body limbs receive nourishment from this truth. Learning the pranayama to stoke the fire is vital. One wants a health Agni, digestive fire, like a healthy bed of coals always content. In this way warmth spreads well throughout.

According to Thomson, there are three basic kinds of disease. External heat invading the internal and dominating the organism, internal heat dies and organism is overwhelmed with cold, or an alternation of heat and cold.

Thomson concluded..

" All the art required to (cure) is to know what medicine will do it, and how to administer it, as a person knows how to clear a stove and the pipe when clogged with soot" ( Narrative, 1825,45)

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