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Vedic Thai Yoga

The origination of what becomes Indigenous, Traditional Thai Medicine is given to a famous Indian Doctor Jivaka Komalaboat (Shivago). Other spellings include Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha and Jivaka Amravana. He was allegedly born in the city of Rajgir, the ancient capital of the Magadha Kingdom ( later Bihar India). There are several references of his life. According to Salina - Nalanda University, he was the son of Salavati, a courtesan of Rajagaha with Abhayarajakumara (son of Raja Bimbisara). Some say Shivago was Ambapali's son with Raja Bimbisara ( The Vinaya (the division of the Buddhist canon (Tripitaka), as a babe he was placed in a basket after birth and rescued by Abhayarajakaumara and called him JIvaka. He was brought up as a prince and was called Komarabhacca. He went to Takkasila and studied medicine for seven years. When he returned to Rajgir, he was given his own residence and cured Raja Bimbisara of a fistula. The ancient Nalanda University had references to Jivaka's connection with the Buddha from the Chinese authors Xuanzang and Yijing (6th century between 630 and 643 CE). In some ancient references, Shivago is known as the Thrice Crowned King of Medicine. He trained in Ayurvedic Medicine and was known to be influenced in Buddhism and was the personal physician to Raja Bimbisara, the Magadha King of that time. He is mentioned in the Pali Canon, writings in Theravada Buddhism, giving Ayurvedic medicine to the Buddha.

The Pali (Pali is a Middle Indo-Aryan liturgical language native to the Indian subcontinent) scripture Vejjavatapada, is said to predate the Greek Hippocratic Oath. It specifies a truly holistic practice of medicine addressing the spirit, mind, and body in an integrated fashion. Many practitioners and schools begin every healing session with the recitation of the Pali Mantra called Om Namo Shivago. The Wai Khruu, or paying respect to Jivaka (Shivago) is respectively done today. There are variations of indigenous traditional medicine practiced in Sri Lanka, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and very similar to Traditional Tibetan Medicine. Also, it is important to mention what I believe predates Jivaka, among the

Pali "Rural" Traditional medicine / Thai Shamanism is practiced in remote villages and among tribal communities. Perhaps some of them are the Reu-see - Thai Buddhist spiritual ascetics. Reu-see are in tune with the natural world, receiving wisdom from nature. They do not have the same rules of separation that monks have. Reu-see are hermits but they can marry and have family and works as teachers and medicine practitioners. They study the natural sciences, medicine, physical therapies, incantations, astrology, Buddhism, and non-healing related sciences ie mathematics and music. Reu-see is a blanket term used in Thailand for seers, ascetics, holy men, wizards, and other practitioners who choose to live and learn from nature and take in with clarity the Greath Mothers teachings.

Ayurveda and Thai Yoga Therapy share a common historical lineage that dates back to the beginnings of Vedic Philosophy (5,000 years ago). According to Samkhya Philosophy, the universe is created through the two primary forces: The Purusha (unmanifested energy/ pure consciousness) and Prakruti (matter/creative force). From this Celestial dance, Cosmic Intelligence, Mahad is formed. From this Mahad, Ahamkara/ Ego is born.

Vedic Thai Yoga, here at Rosa Albus Yoga & Herbal Apothecary is rooted in:

Ayurveda, Samkhya Philosophy, Charaka Samhita, Vedic Constitutions (Vata,Pitta,Kapha- Din-earth,Nam-water, Fai-fire, Wind-lom, Sattva/rajas/tamas Guna, the Kosha bodies-sheaths (annamaya kosha-physical body, pranamaya kosha-vital essence, manomaya kosha-mental body, Vijnanamaya kosha-intellectual body, Anandamaya kosha-blissful body, the Vayus - wind (prana, udana,samana, vyana, and apana vayus. As an Vitalist-driven herbalist, I incorporate plant medicine back into this Vedic Thai Yoga practice based on one's constitution. Astrology-based Herbalism will be slowly incorporated starting in 2022 and as I study with shaman-driven studies, more shamanism will be felt. We are all connected in the Universe so I agree with the reu-see on the study of astrology. As a Sadhaka, I enrich vedic thai yoga with knowledge from my personal sadhana to balance one's constitution. As a Universal Life Church Minister/ Priestess, with honor and respect, I practice Chirothesia and Anointing through Marma Chikitsa to help be a bridge between worlds and sustain the flow of energy within and without. May I honorable help facilitate healing energetics. I give consultations through yoga therapy and herbology to encourage homeostasis for we are all different. Through Yoga Therapy, I give a diverse platform of Hatha Yoga (ashtanga vinyasa, yin, therapeutic hatha, and vedic thai) to meet the needs of as many as possible. Meditation and Pranayama is encouraged to purify the energy channels within yoga practice.

A Medicine Wheel Ceremony, Sacred Hoop, is created respecting the four directions, elements of Prakruti/ Mother Nature, with the herbal sacrament of Sage (or substitute, sacred sage is at risk), sweetgrass, cedar, and tobacco. This starts when you come to my shala for Vedic thai so I know there is the purification of body/mind/spirit. It is given again as you are led through Vedic Thai Yoga for your transformation and evolution.

OM NAMO Shivago, blessings and peace be with You

my sources, studies are through: Seven Peppercorns,Traditional Thai Medical Theory, Nephyr Jacobsen; Ayurveda Thailand of Indigenous, Traditional Thai Medicine and Yoga Therapy by Anthony James;Thai Yoga Therapy for your body type by Kam Thye Chow and Emily Moody; My yoga sadhana and studies within books of hatha yoga pradipika, charaka samhita, and samkyha philosophy, and more... Thank you

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