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Two major Nadis

" According to yogic physiology, the two nostrils are the roots of the two major nadis in the psychic body know as ida and pingala. Ida nadi conducts chitta shakti (mental energy), responsible for mental development and expression. Pingala nadi conducts prana shakti (vital energy), responsible for physical action and development. Balance of the physical and mental capacities and energies is achieved in hatha yoga and pranayama by balancing and equalizing the flow of breath in the two nostrils, and this leads to full development and awakening of the dormant mental and physical capacities of the individual" Yogic Managment of Common Diseases by Dr Swami Karmananda

One of the many reasons why I keep with personally and teach nadi shodhana pranayama, and I work along ida / pingala sen energy channel in Vedic Thai yoga therapy. The truth that we have all the ability to balance our mental and vital life force energies. This truth follows right into understanding why it is important to work on posture / counter-posture theory in hatha yoga with forward bend / back bends. In this way the chitta and prana shakti is balanced. Do you ever feel one side of your body imbalanced, excessive,block creative potential, deficient in some way? Pay attention to your relationships within and without these bodies we live in. We are given signs all the time.

Namaskara, Satya (Lotus Anwen Wachiwi Sagebrush)

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