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"In TTM, the Buddha is regarded as the ultimate healer and TTM practitioners pay homage to both the Buddha and his physician, Jivaka Kumarabhacca, known to many as The Father Doctor, each day by performing a Wai Khru ceremony. In addition to the Buddha and Jivaka, practitioners of TTM also honor the Reusi tradition in their daily Wai Khru ceremony. Though the Reusi tradition continues in Thailand today, the Reusis of Old are honored for their contribution to the body of medical knowledge, including divination and spiritual practices. Reusis are spiritual ascetics or hermits studying the natural sciences through direct observation, interaction and experimentation in and with nature over time."

An Overview of Traditional Thai Medicine - Journal of Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine (

The Reu-see are spiritual ascetic/hermits. One who is truly on their path as a yogi / yogini are probably quite similar. They are between a monk and a Buddhist shaman. They work to be in tune to the natural world. Although as a long time student / sadhaka, I never will claim to be a Reu-see, I do understand as I enter a third decade of practice, that I am on the path.

Sadhaka is a Sanskrit term which describes someone who follows a certain sadhana, a spiritual practice or way of life, with the aim of achieving a certain goal. The term can be translated as meaning "spiritually adept."

Sometimes it is confused with a very similar term, abhyasi, which can be translated as "practitioner," but, while a practitioner repeats a mechanical practice, a sadhaka must go further and practice with deep inner focus, intelligence and perception.What is Sadhaka? - Definition from Yogapedia

I still to this day remember the Shaman eagle entity that came to me in my very early twenties. The experience scared me then, as I floated above my body watching my body self and looking at the Shaman eagle entity looking and reaching out to me. I understand now that I was being prepared for my path, my journey. I will continue deepening upon this path even when this body composts back to Mother Earth and my last breath goes back to the wind and Father sky.

It is from this place as a Sadhaka and as a ULC Minister that I give Yoga Therapy and Vedic Thai Yoga. "Reu-see study the natural sciences, including medicine, physical therapies, incantations, astrology, Buddhism, and even non-healing-related sciences, such as mathematics and music." ( Seven Peppercorns Thai Medical Theory for Bodyworkers, Nephyr Jacobsen,p37)

My physical therapy is Yoga embedded in Ayurvedic knowledge. I do plan on studying medical astrology (through my herbology plant path) and palmistry within this next year. I do study philosophy from Taoist, Zen, Buddhist, Sacred Hoop Medicine (lakota/nakota/dakota ancestry), and more to engage my study further and further within every week as a sadhaka. I do not participate in secular massage. I do not consider what I give, massage. If any one came to me wanting a massage, I would refer. I do absolutely study Anatomy and Physiology gross and subtle for the yoga therapy, Vedic Thai yoga, herbalism, including breath and meditation studies I give. I guess my version of music would be dancing with the medicine wheel for sure. We all as givers find our path, Our Way and it is good to take time uderstanding the path both inwards and outwards. As I continue into the second half of my 40's, I am honest with mine with thought, word, and action.

What is Kwan and Essence?

Kwan is animating spirit or life force essence. Kwan is the life force spirit for each component within You. Your heart, liver, blood has its own kwan. Kwan keeps up the communication in the body like an overseer. We must all safegaurd and strengthen our kwan to prevent kwan haai (spirit loss). This action can occur through trauma, emotional, mental, physical, and or energetic imbalance. One with spirit loss must be nurtured and supported. Essence in TTM reminds of the divine nectar in Ayurvedic/ Yogic tradition.

A: This is a substance called amrita. The word means “nectar” and also “immortal” in Sanskrit. It is a substance which is produced by the human body once the flow of kundalini through the central channel becomes strong.

Amrita- The Divine nectar - Advanced Yoga Practices Int.

Your essence is connected to everything. It is one of the reasons some folk on the Path decide to be celibate so they can draw their energy upwards for greater purpose. For those that decide this, beautiful high love evolves.

blessings to all wise men and women on their path giving

Lotus Anwen Wachiwi sagebrush (satya)

Homage to Jivaka Kumarabhacca






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