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Tongue Diagnosis - Yoga & Herbal

Tongue Diagnosis in Thai Medicine is focused on the digestive, heart, and the mind. Through herbalism and yoga, a practitioner can learn a bunch in a consult to understand why their client/student is feeling imbalanced in their ecosystems. Tongue Diagnosis is excellent to give honest and fast truth of what is imbalanced, whether it aligns with what what you hear from client/student or not. Whatever you do the day before, tongue diagnosis shows it the next day. One can also take note of any elemental imbalances (front to back - wind (vata), fire (pitta), water (kapha)). If a symptom shows on the entire tongue which would imbalance all the elements within, it reveals a problem throughout the whole digestive system. For example, do you see a white coating on the whole tongue? If so, your body is telling you that there is an accumulation of cold, damp, slow digestion. That lets a vitalist- driven herbal and yoga practitioner know they need to hone in on ie. vedic agnisara and nauli kriya to stoke the gastric fire 'agni'. The health of the agni, in Ayurveda, is vital for longevity and happiness. This tells the Yoga Teacher, the student needs to focus on the asanas from yoga chikitsa - first series of ashtanga vinyasa yoga, and also the second series of pawanmuktasana. If there were also scalloped edges on the tongue, this indicates dampness and lack of nutrient absorption, usually connected to weak fire. Again, this would back up the yoga practitioner's concerns to support the agni in the body and perhaps administer pranayama practice for the nervous system.. It could also be a sign of excess wind moving through the body. So now the herbalist could have further questions such as: are you have more wind passing than normal? Did you finish / on a menses? Describe the symptoms with menses ( practitioner would see if it overlaps with the conditions on the tongue)? Or, give me an idea of your daily diet, I need to see what is going on as an herbalist what is lacking. Also, this would be a good time to mention warming (to strengthen fire element) digestives and carminatives daily to add to the diet in the diet in the form of ie. teas, tinctures, and or even cordials that can be very helpful and tasty. If it tastes good, there are more chances an herbalist can get a client to be on a healthy rhythm. Does the tongue shake when it comes out of the mouth for TTM and vedic tongue diagnosis? Well, if it does, this can indicate a further VATA imbalance through the nervous system and wind element to hone in and give, in my case, yoga and herbal education for homeostasis.

There are many diagnostic markers that a TTM, Ayurvedic, Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist, and Holistic Yoga practitioner can use to identify the imbalances in their student / clients body/mind/heart connection. When one is willing to learn and educate about these truths, it demonstrates and gives more thorough help to others with rebalancing. Other examples are: eyes (some use ie. iridology), skin, face, nails, menses, pulse (general / constitutional/ system / imbalance pulse). When a practitioner truly wants to drive home the importance of balancing the inner terrain with the outer terrain, it is vital to listen, watch, see with all your senses what is going on and to use at least one diagnosis tool to truly paint a picture for client/ student. Helping make a True Change for the better happen in someone is honest and loving. This also reminds us all about reconnecting with Mother Nature, that needs many more stewards to return to the land and hear her cries for help.


Lotus Anwen Wachiwi Sagebrush (satya)

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