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The Purpose of Indigenous Traditional Thai Medicine

"The purpose' of Indigenous Traditional Thai Medicine (and Vedic driven Thai Yoga Therapy) is to promote the free and unrestricted circulation of 'life energy'. This concept of life energy is known by different names in different cultures. The Thais call is "Prana", the Chinese "Chi", the Japanese "Ki". When the flow of Prana is restricted, inhibited or disrupted, a state of disharmony or dis-ease occurs. In theory it works like this: every substance, every matter in the body has its's own energy field which is synonymous with the Ayurvedic term Marma. Every component of the body has its own characteristic movement which is peculiar to it and separate and apart from every other component of the body. The body itself is a symphony of individual energy transforming elements working synergistically and sympathetically with each other, providing a vehicle for the transformation and elevation of the soul in life or the world. " Anthony B. James, Ayurveda Thailand of Indigenous Traditional Thai Medicine and Yoga Therapy

Anthony took the words right out of my mouth and it is an honor to promote the beauty and health he creates in the world. Thank you for your words of wisdom for all of US being authentic to Indigenous driven TTM and Thai yoga therapy.

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