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Thai Yoga

to left. supported upwards bow pose (dhanurasana) to open sumana sen, lawusang,ulanga sen energy channels ( same as vedic sushumna, shankhini, and payasvini Indian nadi channels. The channels resemble the meridians in TCM.

Although they do not always flow the same course, Thai and Ayurvedic energy channels often share the same cognate names and locations.

" The influence of hatha yoga in Thailand is evident as early as the 1830's at Wat pho, with the production of the reusi dat ton statues." Traditional Thai Medicine, Salguero

The lom in the sen overlaps the pranic life force and Vayu (winds) energy moving through the body / mind connection. Shivagokomarpaj features much of the sen and postures to hatha yoga roots.

Thai Yoga emphasizes the importance of homeostasis returning within one through the elements (vata , pitta, kapha doshas). This overlaps Ayurvedic, Yogic, Traditional Chinese medicine, and also Theravada Buddhism. Thai Medicine see's 'Dis -ease' as an attack from within and without. Herbal medicine views this as well. TTM also works with spirit allies which is seen in ancient healing art systems across Asia.

There is a variety of T'ai folk healing, and it can vary from one healer to another. The Mo du are fortune tellers or astrologers. Mo song are diviners and the Mo wicha work with magical power. Monks, nuns, ascetics are also folk healers. Thai Brahmins specialize in astrology, ceremonials ie. weddings and funerals. These types of folk healing are not regulated by government agencies.

"Thai folk healing owes much to indigenous T'ai belief predating Indian influence in Southeast Asia." Traditional Thai Medicine, Salguero

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