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Sinusitis and Allergic Rhinitis

"Medical management of sinusitis and hay fever is largely symptomatic, offering no prospect of eliminating the cause and curing the disorder. The usual treatment is a regime of analgesics for pin relief, anti-histamine drugs to suppress the allergic reaction, antibiotics as a precaution against secondary bacterial infection. However, antihistamines only dry up nasal secretions temporarily, and they do have side effects, such as inducing drowsiness, which prohibits driving a car or performing many of our duties." Dr. karmananda in Yogic Management of common diseases

Surya and Chandra Namaskara raises the level of pranic energy in the body to counteract excessive cold / flu / allergy symptoms when consistent. It can help throw off resistant respiratory infections with consistency.

Pawanmuktasana series 1.2.3 is perfect for the recovery period along with sun and moon namaskara. Then poses such as: paschimottanasana to flush, bhujangasana. ustrasana, matsyasana to open lungs and sinus. Dhanurasana can also help immune and respiratory.

Jala neti when practiced alongside kaplabhati shatkarma technique is a great aide. Try Himalayan salt. This is very successful to remove stuffiness, mucus build-up, and irritation. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil.

Practice Yoga nidra when you can especially daily between 2-6pm. Proper relaxation enables personal complexes and perceptions arising from the past conditioning and prior childhood experiences.

A light non-mucus forming vegetarian diet is recommended. Avoid oily and sweet foods, and also abstain from salt, rice, and flour. Have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. It is recommended to fast when you feel the attacks come on. Maybe juice (citris) more and have ginger, turmeric, pepper, cardamon, cinnamon like a healthy homemade chai to elimnate mucus. I like adding turmeric to chai.

Herbal steam inhalations can bring great relief.

These are just a few vedic driven yoga and herbal ideas. Feel free to consult with me for more tailoring.

with gratitude, Lotus Anwen Wachiwi Sagebrush

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