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Respiratory System health

"If the respiratory system is to operate at full efficiency, it is essential to breathe through the nose rather than the mouth. Secondly, many people breathe in short, shallow pants without fully expanding the abdomen or chest. These habits of poor respiration give rise to many mental deficiencies and physical disorders. The yogic science of pranayama is a fundamental part of yogic therapy. It commences with full instruction in the art of science of breathing consciously and efficiently. The breath becomes the vehicle for energizing the body and mind and at the same time it is the doorway into the higher spiritual states of expanded awareness. " Yogic Mangement of Common Diseases, Dr. Karmananda

Yogic science encourages hatha yoga shatkarmas for symptoms of excess mucus discharge. For example, jala neti kriya, followed by kapalabhati pranayama helps clear eyes and nose with warm saline water. This also is related to ittha and pingala nadi / sen energy channels and they sit on the front center and back of legs and along each side of the spine. They end at the nostrils. So if one is having an imbalance in their spine, it is also recommended. Don't forget the power of food medicine. Citrus foods cut the phelgm, as do onions, radishes, and garlic. Hot milk with a little ginger and black pepper with honey to taste can be helpful.

Jala neti is helpful daily for those with Asthma imbalance. When an Asthma attack happens, one needs to end the nervous spasm in the smooth muscles of the respiratory tree by the action of the vagus nerve. The Vagus nerve is directly related, works with Parasympathetic and more. Slow long deep breaths are important. Vastra dhauti under epert guidance can be an aide.

Shankhaprakshalana is a yoga technique that cleanses the entire digestive tract using salt water and yoga asanas. The name comes from the Sanskrit shankha, meaning “conch,” and parkshala, meaning “wash.”. It is also used in ayurveda – the traditional Indian system of medicine – as part of the kaya kalpa transformational and purification process. What is Shankhaprakshalana? - Definition from Yogapedia

Consistent practice of surya namaskara with breath science can help correct mouth breathing habits. These are just a few ideas for folk to observe how we all can holistically approach our respiratory health. Communicate with a skilled yoga teacher and or ayurvedic expert to help guide you to homeostasis.

blessings and Namaskara

Lotus Anwen Wachiwi Sagebrush (satya)

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