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Removing Canker/ toxins

In the twentieth century, this term came to be known as "toxins". In Ayurveda, canker/ impurities in the blood, is called "Amma".

Galen's idea persisted in professional medicine during the 18th century.

"Downing goes on to describe how canker causes disease in the interior of the organism. If the liver cannot handle canker( or ie. The liver not processing and renewing estrogen fast enough during peri menopause/ menopause then other imbalance happens), then other organs are affected. The impure blood moves up to the lungs, which cannot purify the blood, becomes a burden and destroys them. Or it moves to the heart, ' the valves of the heart become loaded and occasion the palpitation of the heart, and apoplexy and sudden death.' Or it runs down to the kidneys, forms an obstruction, and causes ' the kidney complaint.'"

Matthew Wood, The Practice of Traditional Western Herbism.

Later in history, the toxins in the blood became known as toxemia. Clearly this states an extreme. The body gives us warnings all the time.

TTM( Traditional Thai Medicine ) speaks on depleted orders deficiencies. When an element in the body is weakened there is a lack of vitality. pi-gaan, a distorted state, is when an element goes beyond basic imbalance into a state of erratic behavior. An example would be, a wind imbalance with excessive ascending wind can be seen as: insomnia, restlessness.; yet have deficient descending wind causing constipation. Palpitations and other heart arrhythmia is another example. Understand, palpitation imbalances can even happen with ie . Changes of hormones for example.

" There are many possible causes of disease or imbalance, and Thai medicine has various approaches to interpreting causes of suffering, with many different lists and facets breaking down variants of imbalance etiologies." Seven Peppercorns, Traditional Thai medical Theory for body workers

Each case in Thai yoga therapy, is observed to understand the obstruction, stagnation, wind imbalance, to prevent deranged states in the mind/ body/heart connection. Through the knowledge of TTM, Ayurveda, yogic management, and vitalist Herbalism( includes nutrition); the whole Self is looked upon. The whole self, whole plant, is considered with decisions on the rebalancing of the individual with their constitutional state.

Lotus Anwen Wachiwi Sagebrush, satya

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