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Reducing Stress

How do you reduce stress daily? Choosing stress-reducing techniques daily like yoga, meditation, forest bathing ( walking in the woods), painting, dancing, walking, and napping (savasana between 2-6pm) are some ideas of reducing stress for your health.

One needs to be mindful of their present limitations. One day you may have more energy than another depending on what is going on in the body. We need to listen to this ebb and flow for our health. Severe stress can negatively affect certain aspects of cognition especially higher-level thinking and decisions. And absolutely we all need to stay positive when under stress. It does not help to go to the dark side and drag ourselves down into the goo of stress. Making it a villain does not help.

Did you know practicing nadhi shodhana pranayama (alternate nostril breathing) technique helps balance our Autonomic Nervous System? Healthy breathing (with full diaphragm) and breathing techniques helps us to shift our body from a stress response (sympathetic nervous system) to a relaxed state (parasympathetic nervous system). The vagus nerve interfaces with the parasympathetic nervous system and has extensive networking from the medulla of the brain, through the neck, lungs, heart, liver, stomach, spleen, pancreas, kidney, 2/3 of the colon through nerve fibers. The Vagus Nerve (that is played with healthy breathing techniques and yoga) truly is a manifestation of the mind-body connection. We connect to all of this as we move with the breath from one pose to another in physical Yoga (hatha) and breath / meditation practice. Breathing deeply may also relax our internal organs affecting our digestion, heart rate, and blood pressure. Rhythmic deep breathing learned with the study of Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana may prevent / heal the impact of disease states. Let us stop dis'n the ease

Now just imagine that whole picture for just a second.

TCM and Ayurveda have studied breathwork benefits on the respiratory, cardiovascular, autonomic nervous system, and digestive for years and years.

What happens if the fight or flight Sympathetic Nervous System wins? We have decreased motility with digestive and reproductive health, chronic stress develops, insomnia, sex hormones drop, anxiety, polycystic ovarian syndrome PCOS can occur.

Holistic healing through yoga therapy, diet, forest / nature bathing, proper rest, know when not to push your self on any given day, herbal support are examples of things we can do naturally to find our peace and health, find homeostasis. And don't forget, if one has chronic stress the immune system goes downward making it easier for one to be at risk with bacteria, virus, and pathogens.

Yogic Management through asana (posture), pranayama (breath), sense withdrawal and concentration (pratyahara & dharana), shatkarmas, mudra and bandha study, diet, meditation, herbal support are offered here through Rosa Albus..and much more ie. vedic thai and marma chikitsa... can help you find your balance. The virtual yoga and meditation Sunday through Friday is made convenient, affordable, tailored to help you. If you like the FB page from Rosa Albus web, there is a public group page (yoga and herbalism) to get free information weekly, as well as a closed FB group page (Sagebrush teahouse) with the flexible memberships = extra tailoring, free webinars/ podcasts monthly to help target your needs for health. There is also a tailored Stress Management program.

I am here to help you. Blessings. Satya

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