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Origins of the 4 Elements

"The origins of the four elements lie far back in the mists of time, but it was Empedocles who introduced them into Greek philosophy and argued for them as the basis of the world. Plato lent his weight to this view, but Aristotle felt that the four elements were derivative. He postulated the four qualities from which they were derived. Thus, fire is hot and dry, air is hot and moist, water is moist and cold, and earth is dry and cold. The four elements subsequently became more of a philosophical or mythological system, while the four qualities were used in the science and medicine of antiquity to describe the attributes of stones, plants, animals, and people" Matthew Wood, The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism.

I look upon the elements, the tissue states, the doshas whenever I work with someone. blessed be, Anwen Sagebrush

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