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One's Constitution, Breath, Yoga Postures within Thai Yoga Therapy

Irregular and anxious nature of Vatas reveal shallow inconsistent breath and need help developing during and after their Thai Yoga Therapy: during a Thai yoga therapy session with Vata imbalance, I would give more forward bending practice with nurturing, consistent focus on ie. deergaswasm -three-part breath (extra emphasis on belly breath) to restore energy and decrease anxiety from imbalance.

Got High Pitta and need to reduce excessive heat? trouble letting go? In a Thai Yoga Therapy session with Pitta imbalance, it is important to receive: Slow synchronized breath from me to you is vital to reduce Pitta and cool. This synchronized breath will help Pitta imbalance to cool, calm, let it all go while yogic postures are given to encourage further letting go. Sithali pranayama is helpful!

When I encourage pranayama for kapha imbalance, it helps relieve, move excessive phlegm and mental stagnation. I encourage a little longer exhale to release lower and upper lungs. I give rapid breathing of kapalabhati and bhastrika in person (and to work on at home) to encourage and maintain energy during a session. This helps circulation and promotes positive regeneration. With understanding we all can have sluggishness! If you get sluggish, tell me, I am happy to teach you bhastrika and kapalabhati. Also sluggish guts need kriya work ie. agni sara and naulis. This type of giving is also available when you come in to see me in person/ virtually for assistance.

Hatha Yoga is added to Thai Yoga Therapy just like breath to balance your constitution further, move the vayu (wind elements of prana, apana, vyana, and samana), and disperse pranic / qi vital life energy for your health. Yoga asana (posture) for Vata should be held long enough to slow the mind (such as: forward bends-produces calm and stillness, cobra -relieves curvature of shoulders, twisting -relieves nervous tension, mild inversion- circulate for blood/brain, sitting posture -grounds.

What about Pitta imbalance and Hatha Yoga during Thai? Vayus of Samana, apana, and prana are important to move during Thai Yoga Therapy for Pittas. This can be achieved by letting go and letting me work with: forward bends- cools and draws energy to mid-body, spinal twists - clears the liver and small intestines, sitting postures- cooling bound postures to stabilize mid-body, fish pose - release tension from mid-abdomen.

Kapha imbalances need to focus during sessions with vayu udana and vyana. I would work on any of the following to rebalance kaphic energies: backbends- opens lungs/chest, inversions- circulation and upward flow of energy, introduce more self-practice with standing postures - promote circulation (some partner Yoga within the thai session can be helpful and encouraging).

The ways to rebalance one's constitution through Thai Yoga Therapy are very holistic. My job is to be a bridge between the world you are living in and the world of healing through Vedic-driven Thai Yoga Therapy. I find this also really helps folk come in / virtually for a Tailored Yoga Practice session (bring a friend) so that their home practice builds based on their constitution. Prefer Hatha yoga, or Yin, or Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga? It is all good. Tell me and I will tailor your constitutionally driven Yogic practice.

With over 20 years of yogic-driven living, I am happy to help you bring more balance into your life through yoga and Thai yoga therapy. Remember this, whenever I teach or give through Thai Yoga Therapy and Yoga Therapy, I am giving with selfless service and also always as a student of what I practice. I practice what I preach. I know life can be hard daily to balance everything. It really is difficult, but it can be achieved even on the hardest of days. Thank you for listening and I look forward to helping you! namaste

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