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Obesity healing through Yogic Methods

This is an example of how I am very focused on helping community through yogic methods, herbology, holistic nutrition, and vedic thai to heal. We are a reflection of nature and we all need help to understand that food is medicine. And we are more microbe than human folks.

More than half of your body is not human, say scientists.

"Human cells make up only 43% of the body's total cell count. The rest are microscopic colonists." More than half your body is not human - BBC News

"This includes bacteria, viruses, fungi and archaea (organisms originally misclassified as bacteria). The greatest concentration of this microscopic life is in the dark murky depths of our oxygen-deprived bowels."

"Prof Sarkis Mazmanian, a microbiologist from Caltech, argues: "We don't have just one genome, the genes of our microbiome present essentially a second genome which augment the activity of our own.

"What makes us human is, in my opinion, the combination of our own DNA, plus the DNA of our gut microbes." More than half your body is not human - BBC News

Now that is something else. Our life in these bodies truly is a macrocosm and microcosm relationship to the planet, Our beloved Earth Mother. Yes. This has been proven and lots of important scholars, educators are talking about this Truth. Now ponder upon disease prevention, gut -brain axis health, immune health, and the relationship to the microbiome connecting to Nature / #Prakritti. How do we truly maintain homeostasis?

Obesity imposes strain upon the heart, circulatory, respiratory, eliminative, and lymphatic systems. Furthermore, major toxins /#ama is increased in the body from obesity which can create a very harmful state for the person. The strength of our #agni Agni is very crucial to the health of our body, Ama is a toxic disease that results from impaired agni. #gastricfire. when folk have too much obesity it can even become dangerous to loose weight due to the amount of extra water in the body increased. If someone looses weight the wrong way, the heavy ama can seriously harm the person. "A diet composed of excessive oil, spices, starches, sugars and refined products leads to excess weight. We are not designed for processed foods. while a diet based on natural grains, fruit and vegetables leads one automatically towards correct body wieght and optimal health." Yogic Management of Common Diseases, Dr. Swami Karmananda

Yoga asanas help remove blockages and liberate prana, vital life energy within and without our bodies. We can revitalize the mind and activate the endocrine glands and so much more through Yogic Management. It is an Art and a Science. An overhaul / shift needs to take place with rebalancing one's constitution from obesity. It is so difficult when the body suffers from chronic exhaustion and weakness. Asanas build up vitality, detox, strengthen joints, and slim the body naturally. One even begins to crave certain foods. Listen to this. We learn to listen, observe, watch, look, and see the body and it's surroundings in positive light. Those simple words in everyday life are actually quite profound in all ways of life.

Working with variations of #suryanamaskara Suryanamaskara and the #pawanmuktasana Pawanmuktasana series is a perfect place to start healing : joints, posture, cleaning, decreasing tension and pain, reproductive and digestive support, spine work, and freeing energetic blockages, and more rest and regenerative care.

Brahmari and Nadhi Shodhana #pranayama breath science is very helpful to strengthen vitality every day. These techniques of asana and pranayama can be taught by a seasoned practitioner tending to your constitutional makeup. We may sometimes look the same, but truly we are all different with our ecosystems. The Shatkarmas I always suggest under supervision to give are Jala neti to start clearing blockages from the dominant yin / yang energy channels (with learning kapalabhati to clear properly) along the spine, and agni sara to wake up the agni within and strengthen. Yoga Nidra practiced daily say between 2-6pm can really help with daily exhaustion. We humans are supposed to rest every 3-4 hours anyway. And keeping a positive frame of mind / Sankalpa daily can-do wonders on transformation and liberating the self.

Working with further holistic nutrition can help jumpstart you in the right direction too. I am part of an amazing Ecofriendly company #Purium that really can hone in on your microbiome health and beyond. They also encourage through their organic food powders and more, an awakening of the body telling you what it wants and doesn't want. Increasing nutrient-dense superfoods, berries, greens, digestive support, already made for you gives your body what it requires and desires for being healthy. Increasing aloe in your diet helps with digestion, bloating, and keeps you away from antacids. A huge amount of our population suffer from digestive and acid reflux. Purium also has superfood formulations for heart, circulatory, respiratory, eliminative, and lymphatic systems which is needed while tending to Obesity imbalance. Purium truly hones in on increasing nutrient-dense superfoods for your health which is really what the body needs. Daily this encourages your body / mind to rewire what it wants and needs for daily health. Food is medicine!

When you book a session with me, I consult with you to understand your constitution, ecosystems, pathologies, imbalances; so I can truly work through my tool box: Vedic Thai, diverse yogic management, Herbology, and holistic nutrition.

With positive light and love, we all can liberate our path with body, mind, heart for the spirit and Mother Nature and beyond. To your health!

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