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Morus Alba -White Mulberry leaf

White mulberry leaf has been safely consumed for millennia

The use of the white mulberry leaf is first mentioned in The Divine Farmer's Classic of Materia Medica, a compendium of traditional Chinese medicine practices published sometime before 220 AD. The leaf is normally administered for therapeutic use in the form of a tea or powdered extract, and the leaf is also used as a food ingredient.

The two most comprehensive English language compendia of traditional Chinese medicine are Chinese Herbal Medicine by Bensky et al. (Third Edition) and Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology by Chen & Chen. Neither of these authoritative texts lists any significant cautions or contraindications associated with mulberry leaf use. In addition, the 2015 English language edition of the Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China does not indicate any precautions or warnings for white mulberry leaf, as it does when such information is relevant to safe use.

“The 1800-year history of sang ye [white mulberry leaf] use is one of general safety,” said Bill Schoenbart, LAc, DAOM, a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine based in Santa Cruz, Calif. “There is nothing in the historical or contemporary records to indicate that use at normal consumption levels could possibly result in gastroenteritis leading to death.”

Online >> AHPA statement on purported association of white mulberry leaf with tragic death See link for full article. As always, one of my goals through Rosa Albus is to keep up to date with research studies on herbology, holistic nutrition, yoga, and vedic thai for education.

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