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Moon Cycle & Elements

Did you know your moon cycle can get elementally imbalanced? If you can read how your moon cycles are, then you can get more help monthly through things like herbology, food, and yoga sadhana to rebalance.

Menstruation Indicators:

Wind Imbalance: pre-menstrual wind passing, nausea, fever. the flow may be uneven, foamy, or dark. (herbal carminatives and emmenagogues, standing or supine squats in a quiet alone place and burn some sandalwood maybe (balancing reproductive energy channel); yoni-herbal steaming, nauli kriya / agnisara)

Fire Imbalance: pre-menstrual skin irritation, temperature/ mood swings, and blood may have bright red tint. (cooling nervine relaxants and bitters herbal support and emmenagogues, pranayama /yoga nidra practice; yoni-herbal steaming, soothing oatmeal-chammomile bath)

Water Imbalance: pre-menstrual aches, diarrhea, depleted appetite, blood can be clear and mucousy. (turmeric w/ Epson salt bath, digestive/carminatives, and emmenagogues; reproductive forward bends/ twists for energy channel balancing; yoni-herbal steaming)

Earth Imbalance: pre-menstrual joint and bone pain, stomach aches, dark red blood with odor. ( inflammation modulating herbals and nervine relaxants, anti-rheumatic / digestive yogic management can aide; yoni-herbal steaming, tea tree suppository after bleeding)

Toxic Blood: Irregular painful menses, dark / chunky blood, strong blood / body odor.

(alteratives to clear bad blood and immune tonics, increase surya namaskara for circulation / agnisara / nauli kriya; spray rose and lavender hydrosols on your body, tea tree suppository after bleeding)

Take stock in the Divine Feminine.

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