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Picking Grapes
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A thought from my studies today.

" Antibiotics kill one kind of bacteria, but unbalance the microflora of the colon, creating other types of bacterial imbalance and generation of toxins. They also do not remove the toxins that remain behind in the body after the bacteria are killed. This is why people who have had parasites or amoebae in the colon often experience a feeling as if they were still present, even after they have been killed by drugs The dragon tracks are still present. There is a further, very serious side effect of antibiotic treatment. When bacteria are killed they release endotoxins from inside themselves which otherwise would never enter the bloodstream. These cause additional poisoning of the body. In fact, if the bacterial die-off is high enough, there may be a 'septic-shock' resulting in sudden death."

The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism, Matthew Wood

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