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Love your Heart and live a Spiritual Life

To live a healthy spiritual life, it is good to life from the heart plexus. Medicinal plants like #hawthorn Hawthorn does just that. If you have a red tipped tongue, your mind is overriding your heart. The Prabhava for Hawthorn (Craetgus spp) is basically anything heart related. According to Ellingwood, Hawthorn is a heart curative for many imbalances ie. palpitations, vertigo, rheumatism of the cardiovascular, cardiac neuralgia, angina, and heart disease. Not to mention it helps with heat excitations issues of red skin, rapid pulse, spider veins, reddish capillaries in cheeks, bruising too easy, and really sensitive people. The plant signature itself has thorns which mean it shows it's a heart protector. Vedic Thai overlapping with some Hawthorn love can be an amazing way to receive and restore your heart plexus. Vedic Thai does work with the chakra centers and has an energy channel that hones-in on loving and balancing the heart. I then throw in lots of ayurvedic yoga driven for cardiac care. This is an example of how I work to be in service in the world to all of you. keeping it real. blessings, Anwen Sagebrush

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