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Picking Grapes
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Liver love recipe


salambha sarvangasana

urdvha mukha svanasana

adho mukha svanasana



janu sirsasana

parivrtta sirsasana

baddha konasana

ardha navasana

marichy 3


uddhiyana bandha

nadhi shodhana pranayama


agni sara

Gomaiso with Milk Thistle!

sesame seeds 8 oz.

milk thistle seed 1 0z.

dulse .7oz

nettle .1 oz

sea salt .7oz

grind it all together... maybe have it on your cooked rice!! When we put our herb love in our diet... it makes it natural

Dandelion succus lemonade (liver support lemonade) help bring in your spring

juice 1 bunch of dandelion greens,

3 lemons juiced

maple syrup to taste

Fill up your ie. 32 oz jar full of water this ... double check the lemons and maple syrup ratio... enjoy!

Liver support tea

1g dandelion root

1 g burdock root

1g nettle leaf nutrient rich and diuretic

1g astragalus root hepatoprotective

.5 g cinnamon bark warming circulatory demulcent...yummy

.5 g licorice root hepatoprotective...yummy

decoct the bark and roots in simmering water 16 oz water for 30-40 slowly.. place into a jar..add in the leaf. wait for ie. another 30 minutes.. Drink it!

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