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Kidney love

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

What is the responsibility of the Kidneys?

They maintain fluid and electrolyte balance. Kidneys regulate ionic composition of blood: sodium, potassium, and calcium levels.

Kidneys regulate blood ph by excreting hydrogen ions

The kidneys Excrete foreign substances and environmental factors.

They control production of calcitriol ( active form of vitamin D and helps regulate calcium levels and erythropoietin hormone to stimulate Red BC’s.

Kidneys Regulate blood pressure

Are you concerned about your Bp? There are tools that can help within yogic management, Thai, and herbalism! connect with me!

What do electrolytes serve? They control osmosis between fluid compartments

They Help maintain acid- base ph

Electrolytes carry electrical currents which allow physiological functions including conducting nerve impulses.

Herbal medicine has taught me awesome ways to have herbal electrolyte drinks!

And electrolytes act as cofactors required for efficient enzyme activity

So, I wanted to take a second and connect folk a lit bit to their kidneys and how they help us.

If there is ever a kidney imbalance, it is good to mention what you are concerned about so I can look within my holistic tool box and work on prevention.

With gratitude, Anwen

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