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Kannaway Distributor / Entrepreneur

Hello! While I am finding my way with Rosa Albus, I wanted to let all know that I am also now a Distributor and supporter of Kannaway.

"You’ve Heard About Hemp… …and all of the incredible benefits that can come from incorporating hemp-based products into your lifestyle. Recent studies have shown that hemp products are fueled by a component called cannabidiol (often referred to as CBD), which can have amazing effects on the human body. However, with this new information has come a slew of hemp products, and you’ve likely noticed that there are a ton of different hemp companies to choose from. How do you know which products work, which formulations fully utilize pure hemp resources, and which companies you can trust? The answer is Kannaway"

"The Difference is Simple—Nature At Kannaway, we don’t compromise on quality. Our ingredients are sourced a 5th generation hemp farm in the heart of Europe, where the soil is well-nourished and devoid of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. And our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure our quality is unmatched. That all adds up to one thing—making Kannaway the best choice for world-class CBD products"

The above quotes are from one of their brochures I use to educate folk. I feel they represent amazingly for what hemp products can truly do for people. I say this as a seasoned Yoga practitioner, as an Herbologist, and as a Vedic Thai practitioner. I am happy to be on board with them to help #BETHECHANGE for the world, #CLIMATECHANGE , and help bring hemp to every home where it belongs.

Do you want to know more about hemp from a company that knows how many mg. are really going into you with #broadspectrum support? contact me. Are you wanting to know the difference between and INTERNAL CONSUMER VS. EXTERNAL CONSUMER? contact me. Curious if becoming a Distributor is right for you? Contact me.

My purpose with Kannaway is to support, spread the good word, help people's homeostasis, and help climate change.

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