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Picking Grapes
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Gut - Brain health

How well do you know your gut health? Do you work with mindful eating? It is true we are what we eat and even if you have a healthy diet, it is important for every one of us to continue to refine our relationship with food for our True health and happiness living in these human vessels. Learning to sit and work on #pranayama #breathscience and #sensewithdrawal techniques also can talk to our gut health. It is vital we all cut down on stress because stress talks directly to our gut and brain! So, learning to sit and breathe, deepen our concentration techniques, has a direct connection to our health. Wow. We are only 1 % human everybody. 1%. We need to learn to live and eat for that amazing microbiome. #inflammation #genes #chronicdisease

Do you dig in the dirt? Do you forest bathe for your immune? The more we embrace nature, the more we can learn to listen inside to what is needed to create homeostasis. #Ecosystem

Neural inflammation is an enemy. Taking care of the microbiome is important due to the gut-brain axis to work on prevention of ie. #depression #alzheimers #schizophrenia

does your Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, or someone close to you always talking about their stress and depression?

What are you doing with mindfulness eating and its direct correlation to ie. Inflammation and Chronic diseases. Is this current so called great civilization actually really all that great for any one? The industrialized Revolution started to pull more folk to towns and city development and away from Mother Nature. I don't know about you but with all this climate crisis and sickness / suffering on the earth I see.. observe, all I want to do is stay on a farm and educate folk from there.

Did you know the Vagus nerve is fed by the microbiome? The Vagus Nerve Explained in Plain English | Diet vs Disease "It connects your brain to your gut, and can affect everything from your mood and stress levels to your digestion, heart rate and immune response. It may also play a major role in inflammation and various chronic diseases if not working properly." And the Vagus nerve is intimately connected to the Parasympathetic Nervous system. It regulates internal organ functions (digestion, heart rate, respiratory, reflex actions) How do you talk to your Vagus nerve? Again, sitting and working on ie. Yoga and Breath Science. Are you willing to sit and be quiet with self and nature and learn what needs to be done for homeostasis? If we can all as humans learn to listen to natures ecosystem and then mirror image it back within and look at the ecosystem within...Think of the phenomenol changes that could occur.

Do you keep herbicides, pesticides, fungicides out of your food? Do you allow antibiotics in your system before looking at other methods of healing? This strips your gut biome. Did you know the fungus / ficome and Virom information in your gut are playing off of the microbiome. They are opportunistic The blood brain barrier stays intact because the microbiome is solid. If as we age the biome is week, then these gut-brain diseases start developing perhaps. Can we live in harmony with Nature and with our own Nature within? Can doctors start looking at individuality and Constitutional differences? #ayurveda #doshas

What we call aging is a disease. Can we all start to look at how these chronic illnesses can be cleared with communing properly with self and nature?. We do not need to suffer so with such horrific body failures. I remember my grandmother's death. Her organs died horrifically left to right. It does not have to be that way. Death is meant, when it comes to us all, as a rebirth and not further suffering.

Curious about more, book a consult and talk with me over a cup of tea.. Let us talk about homeostasis.

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