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Energy Channels, Yoga, Vedic Thai

The energy channel theory from Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic, and Traditional Thai medicine are different. They map in the body differently and have different theories but all rivers lead to the ocean.

There are some energy channels, nadis, that share with TTM. Sen Sumana (sushumna nadi), Sen Pingala and Ittha (pingkhala / Ida nadi). Many of the accupoints in TTM are the Vedic Marma points used to disperse qi.

The body's lom (energy) flows through 72,000 sen and is distributed based on the body's needs. Each part of the body has kwan (life force) that governs over certain areas of the body/mind/heart connnection. Rebalancing the lom through the sen helps maintain the Vayus and Koshas within the subtle body, and with that the elements of nature / prakritti.

The chakras are very much involved in TTM as well. Problems can arise in the body when the sen/nadi are blocked or broken which then creates an energy imbalance. These blockages can happen from ie physical injuries, surgeries, repetitive stress, psychological imbalance, and other. The goals in ie. Hatha yoga practice (ie. Yin yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga) and Vedic Thai Yoga help to rebalance with pranayama, sense withdrawal, concentration, postures to realign.

The major 10 sen energy channels in Traditional Thai Medicine are: Itha, Pingala, kalatharee, sahatsarangsi, tawaree, sumana, lawusang, ulanga, nantakawat, kitcha. These energy channels are activated by different yoga poses.

Forward bends, hamstring stretches, and plow pose help Itha and Pingala sen.

Spinal twists, hip-openers, hip abduction help Kalatharee sen.

Stretches for the illiopsoas, hips, cobra pose, back bends help realign sahatsarangsi and tawaree.

Cobra pose and other back bends, spinal twist, and all forward bends help relieve sumana sen.

Neck stretches/ exercises, cobra and other backbends help lawusang and ulanga sen.

Spinal twists and forward bends help nantakawat sen.

Abdominal compression poses and gentle spinal poses help kitcha sen.

Balancing the sen with yoga therapy and breath/meditation work can keep us healthy and maintain wellness daily.


Lotus Anwen Wachiwi Sagebrush (satya)

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