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Do and Do Not of Herbalism and Yoga

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

With me being well on my way for yoga and herbal consults and helping folk out with wellness through herbalism, I thought it best to be up front too. Whether it be about upholding the law when I was a long-standing NC licensed bodywork, or with my life's work through yoga therapy (since 2002), I do uphold. It is important to play by the rules. For one, it can really come in handy when you speak your truth about another not upholding what they say they do.. but they are not. In my book of life living, If you say you walk something, you better walk it, speak it, pee it, poop it, be it... Or, why bother. Be who you say You Are. Be Real.

For instance, I choose during the pandemic to NO longer be a licensed bodyworker. Why? Well even though I have helped folk for many years, I felt the board was not supporting and upholding licensed practitioners during the pandemic. I feel it limits me with my practice with how it needs to grow and flourish. We all have different chapters and this was one of mine. However, all the knowledge gained from 2007-2021 from giving holistic bodywork to folk with diverse imbalances lives on through another metamorphosis but no more secular massage. Why do I bring this up right now? Well because I speak in this blog about upholding truth, law, ethics and to practice what you preach.

In the U.S. Herbalists cannot diagnose, treat, or prescribe, or use any language (written/verbal) or on any platforms like this one ..RIGHT NOW...indicating that they are doing so. So, I might as well open my practice mentioning this very fact and earth it down. Rosa Albus has a statement on every page (on bottom) upholding this with what I am and what I am not. This should be supportive to all because I am being up front and truthful so I may nurture and support. You all need to be up front, talk, communicate with me. This creates a healthy foundation to grow upon with strong roots, healthy, loving, supportive, uplifting Ethics.

Diagnosing: An act of identifying an illness or disease based on an examination of symptoms or lab results. Instead what I can do for you is talk to You as client, to check with your doctor if there are any contraindications I need to know about as a Yoga Practitioner and Herbalist. In this way, we have a healthy understanding between You, your Dr. team, and myself and we all know our place.

Treating: Medical treatment is the management or care of an individual with the intention of combating an illness or disease. Treating someone means addressing a diagnosis by hygienic (they got this word from the goddess Hygeia) and pharmacologic remedies. According to U.S. legal definition Observation (ie. observing the balance or imbalance of the elements in your body) and Counseling are not considered medical treatment. This is one way Herbalists are able to legally consult with clients.

Prescribing: To prescribe is to "give directions either orally or in writing, for the preparation and administration of a remedy to be used in the treatment of any disease" In general, it is recommended to avoid the following terms in all written material, websites, social media, labels, all platforms (this blog post is loaded with words I am not to use, but I am showing what I will uphold with truth in this post to all of you honestly. Just as i read philosophy to uphold daily in my Yogic lifestyle, I now have these ethics to live and stand by and so I am making it known.

I am not here to (words / actions); diagnose, cure, secular massage, examine, treat, prescribe, relieve, remedy, prevent, rub people, medical, medicine, medicinal, disease, heal, healing, patient, physician, doctor, administer.

I am not here to (words/ actions): Massage and bodywork therapy. Systems of activity applied to the soft tissues of the human body for therapeutic, educational, or relaxation purposes. The application may include: a. Pressure, friction, stroking, rocking, kneading, percussion, or passive or active stretching within the normal anatomical range of movement. b. Complementary methods, including the external application of water, heat, cold, lubricants, and other topical preparations. c. The use of mechanical devices that mimic or enhance actions that may possibly

I am here as a Yoga /Herbal Educator, so if you see posts talking about the history of Ayurveda, Yoga, Herbalism, Traditional Thai Medicine, know there is a reason for it as a Yoga Teacher and Herbalist educator. It is important to know History. It is especially valid to talk about with Rosa Albus doing future teachings / certifications in herbalism, yoga therapy.

I am here as a ULC Minister/Yoga/Herbal Practitioner/Educator to (use words /actions): Assess, educate, ease, suggest, nurture, promote, wellness, herbal preparation, imbalance, balance, client, support, herbalist, diet assist, yoga practitioner / educator, tailor yoga, constitution, everything about yoga and ayurveda, herbalist/educator, counsel, observe, ceremonial work, watch, see, anoint, chirothesia "laying of energetic hands" with divine and ancestral guidance, divination, spirit work, marry someone, herbal compress, mantra and blessings, to support your wellness and health.

I am here as a seasoned Yoga Teacher / Herbalist / ULC Minister / Educator to:

Assist people in building the general health and resistance of the body by providing nutrients and herbs, yoga /ayurveda/ Vedic Thai Yoga

Teach folk about their own unique constitution and why it is imperitive through Yoga, Ayurveda, Thai Vedic, Herbalism, diet, to know IT.

Giving an herbal preparation, with diet recommendations, with thorough explanation to client that certain foods may be better suited to her/him by body type / constitution than others, and helps the body function better.

Dispersing Qi w/ saying mantras, prayers, blessings for rebalancing Nature's elements, Vayu, and other subtle energies within client of Vedic Thai Yoga.

Anoint divine energy along with Sacred Hoop elemental ceremonial work to a client for spiritual support and guidance and rebalancing with Nature.

Constitutionally giving tailored yoga therapy (therapeutic hatha, yin, ashtanga vinyasa, Vedic Thai Yoga) to align, rebalance, harmonize the elements and prana/qi within for wellness and nurturing support. Using constitutional knowledge of the elements within a Yoga client/student to help them understand how to balance and grow their sadhana, and provide ayurvedic knowledge that can help.

Tuning into intuitively with client throwing the runes / tarot / palmistry during spiritual counsel

No Practice of Medicine nor Secular Massage has yet occurred with the above words and actions.

I have shown through my ethics, truth, loving kindness, what I am and what I am not.

This creates a positive and fruitful foundation of understanding to All with complete honesty, love, and respect. If someone comes to me for wanting the things I don't represent, I refer.

Thank you for listening. Lotus Anwen Wachiwi Sagebrush (satya)


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