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Divinatory Sciences

One of the limbs, roots of Traditional Thai Medicine is Divinatory Science. Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Geomancy, and other esoteric systems of divination. Divination is used within TTM to understand health, disease predisposition, elemental balance, and remedial prescriptions. Those that specialize in Divinatory (Hoh raa saat) are called the

mor doo or "seer doctor". When one uses the tool of Divinatory Science within say a Vedic Thai Yoga session, they would use ie. tarot/runes with astrology. In my case, as studies progress with herbology, it will be tarot/runes with medical astrology (herbology with astrology and perhaps numerology/ palmistry within this next year or two. The reason why I choose to deepen Divinatory Science within the TTM I practice is because in this lifetime, I am very intuitive and need to harness and deepen this space within and give back. As a ULC Minister/Priestess and Vedic Thai Yoga practitioner, I choose to deepen and help others through the future practice of Osteomancy (Throwing bones, also called osteomancy, is an ancient form of divination probably originated with various tribes in Africa. Throwing bones as a means of foretelling the future or divining the past might also have been used among indigenous American and South American tribes), or also with tarot, runes, palmistry, medical astrology, and numerology. The combination of Vedic Thai Yoga with medical astrology, or osteomancy, or within one's palm together creates a very useful and more depth picture of the whole.

As a teacher of mine puts it, Astro Herbalism (Sajah Popham), helps us herbalists' deepen our understanding of how to hone in on the individual with plant allies. We are all different and unique, so our connection to plants, gemology, numerology, and more is always going to be unique.

Thai astrology has the following elemental associaltions:

EArth Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn; Planet correspondence - Moon and Jupiter (diamond and topaz)

Water Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces; Planet correspondence - Mercury and Venus (emerald and blue saphire)

Fire Aries, Leo, Sagittarius; Planet correspondence - Sun and Saturn (ruby for sun)

Air Gemini, Libra, Aquarius; Planet correspondence - Mars and Rahu (black saphire/garnet and lapis lazuli)

Our elemental constitution is determined at the time of conception based on astrology, season, and genetic factors. And all of this comes into play when I observe, see, watch what needs to be realigned within a vedic thai yoga session to my best ability as an honorable student and practitioner of limbs within TTM and Vedic Thai Yoga.

Did you know the art of Palmistry has spread globally throughout the years in the Eastern and Western hemisphere? It is said to originate from ancient India - the Hast Jyotish: Ancient Eastern System of Palmistry. It is said, how our palm is formed shows how we have learned to use our senses according to the Buddhi, discriminative intelligence within. In TTM palmistry can sometimes be close to Hast Jyotish or Chinese Medical Palmistry - Xiao -Fan Zong.

There are several systems of numerology: Pythagorean numerology, Chaldean numerology (Thai), and Kabalistic numerology (essoteric judaism), and Chinese numerology.

This information has been shared to give education and more awareness of the roots of Traditional Thai Medicine, Vedic Thai, Yoga, and how I may help you now and years to come as a Yoga Practitioner, Priestess, and Herbologist.

Visualize my self dedicating merit (in buddhist belief, as we go through life we accumulate merit. This merit is thought to help benefit our life and others. Dedicating merit is one way to bring healing to others and or the Earth), pouring water into perhaps a metal bowl and reciting the following mantra as I pour the water. Then me pouring the blessed water onto my garden or your garden or special tree in town. This verse is part of the wai khru ceremony.

idam me danam asavakkhayavaham hotu

idam me silam nibbanassa paccayo hotu

idam me bhavanam maggassa ca phalassa ca paccayo hotu

idam me punnam asavakkhayavaham nibbanam hotu

idam me punna bhagam sabba sattanam dema

blessings, Sat nam!

Lotus Anwen Wachiwi Sagebrush (satya)

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