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Dancing with Divine

Taken from the spiritual diary of Bishop Steven Charleston, called "Arrows of Light".

Couldn't help but feel these words would be beautiful set to music:

"Let me dance a little longer before the music must stop. Let me feel the motion of life, the sway of life, out across the floor of the world, beneath the colored lights of heaven.

"Let me enjoy the night, fee the night, breathe in the stars and twirl around the sleepy moon.

"This dance you have given me is so precious, so wondrous and lyrical, let me dance just a little longer, gliding through time and space, turning with all of creation, turning and turning as if there were no tomorrow.

"Then when the music must stop, we can go home. Then I will be happy to go home. I will dance home. Dance all the way home. With you. My God and my Maker."

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