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Climate Change And Our Farm

Hello All! I have been absent from blogging. Pardon. This is Jackson, our cat dog, walking with me in the woods we steward on this 7–8-acre farm in Hot Springs WNC. So, I have been watching the Soil Food Web with Dr. Elaine, Brian Vagg, John Liu, and Sadhaguru. You know, everyone knows what is going on. Even if they cannot put it into words, they can feel it. Nature is crying out with her songs to us all.

As a farm family, we have a mission and vision to mend, nurture, and heal the bond between ourselves and Nature.

The tools I use to bring you back into balance

with 'Self' and 'Nature' are: Breath & Meditation, diverse Vedic Yogic studies,

Vedic Thai (TTM), Herbal / Yoga / Spiritual Consults,

Vitalist-Driven Herbalism and Education, Bioregional Herbalism, increase sustainable research in beekeeping, growing mycelium, soil food web, and increasing efforts through United Plant Savers for protecting endangered plants. Rosa Albus works on the mending, nurturing, healing, preserving and bonding with what we really are with the inner most self / atman and how we are a mirror image to Mother Earth and the Universe. We all need to tend to the holistic needs of the spirit living a human experience and remember our connection to Nature and the Universe. Through healing our body /mind/ heart relationship, we put that reflection back out to Nature. #microcom #macrocosm. We are responsible for the balance and healing of ourselves so that we can heal our planet, children, and create a more vibrant future for generations to come.

Sadhaguru is right. People have been sleeping on it, the truth. Karmic action needs to happen with as many people NOW and not wait until the slide becomes a tumble with no way back. we all have the ability to soil test, soil balance (organic matter, compost, bacteria (#microbiome), fungi (mycorrhizal and saprophytic fungi), nematodes, protozoa, which will all encourage the arthropods, birds, and other animals to participate. Jordan just shot on video a bunch of wild turkey hanging out in our garden this morning. I don't see that as a bad thing. That is an honor. MOther Nature already has a rhythm for all, in her cycles, to be nourished an fed. We in these human vessels are part of that web. Can we choose our sovereignty and take this climate change serious matter into our own hands? We don't need to wait for the Governments to care! Is it fair that so many of us that deeply care do not currently have enough funds to push the envelope, NO of course not. Of course not. But what is even worse is all those with complete #APATHY towards climate change.

Did you know by adding in more bacteria and fungi into our soils will hold up our water and nutrients better in the soil. The roots don't go deep into the ground when people use #pesticides #herbicides #fungicides then the soil just dies, goes away. Then of course all the pollinators are in trouble because of this ignorant vicious cycle that brings nothing but death. Mother Nature was already functioning well. It is the ignorance of the Human that has created harm and devastation. Can humans overcome their ignorance? Is this part of the New Paradigm Shift?

Everyone has a role to play. Ecology is the Economy!! This needs to be our new NORMA Soiland Agriculture, and for mending the bond between Mother Nature and Human beings. Proper nutrition can be placed back into the soil in just one year for plants needing to grow well. For some very depleted soils, perhaps a little longer. The point is, all of us have the ability to research, heal the bond with nature, and teach others. In Sadhaguru's words, we are in a 'slide' now, but we have time to save our Soil Food Web, save our pollinators, save our trees, save our Childrens future. Huma beforen beings have a CHOICE to restore the #peace

Right now on our farm, we are in our first year, planning on the right animals to bring to the land, how many bees to order for spring, studying our soil, studying our microclimates, and studying and identifying the biodiversity. This winter, we will need to study freeze pockets too, so we understand how the land works here as an organism with its seasons and how / when the rain falls. My daughter and I know we live on an amazing biodiverse piece of Big Mamma Nature, and we are looking forward to sharing our joy, research, and healing with Nature and with all of You.

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