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Chakras & Vedic Thai Yoga

Ayurveda sees Us as a conduit of pranic energy between the celestial Sun and terrestrial Earth. Know doubt the Tree of Life is united with how it represents interconnectedness to everything. The Primary chakra is the person, and it collects and distributes these celestial to terrestrial energies to the secondary or tertiary chakra or Lom. From the chakra/lom, the divine energy collected is dispersed through the sen/ nadi energy channels. The Chakras are like pumping or circulatory engines that drive the pranic energy throughout the energetic and physical form of Us. Each chakra is also represented with a color and as a flower with a certain amount of petals that correspond to the number of sen/nadi energy channels corresponded to them. The color is a representation of the rate of their vibration. Chakra , Lom, pranic energy channels get obstructed due to stress, trauma, tension, and or disease. If one keeps their chakra / lom and energy channels free flowing with hatha (physical yoga practice), pranayama (breathing practice), pratyahara (sense withdrawal), concentration (dharana), then we can work to prevent these blockages.

when one practices Yoga and also Vedic Thai Yoga, they can feel the oppositional pushes and pulls that are connected to their tree of life. The seven yogic chakras are from our root to our crown:

Muladhara: yellow, element earth, root chakra, rules the adrenal glands, governs our legs / feet/ genitals / anus / coccyx / kidneys, japa mantra = Lam

Swadhisthana: white, water element, the hara, gonad glands, governs pelvis / genitals / reproductive / sacrum / lumbar vertebrae, japa mantra = Vam

Manipura: red, fire element, solar plexus, pancreas gland, governs lumbar / stomach / gall bladder / liver / diaphragm / nervous system, japa mantra = Ram

Anahata: smoke colored / others say green, thymus gland, governs heart / lungs / chest / breast / thoracic vertebrae, circulatory system, japa mantra = Yam

Vissuddha: sea blue, ether element, throat, thyroid gland, governs arms / hands / throat / mouth / voice / lungs / cervical vertebrae, respiratory system, japa mantra = Ham

Ajna; Indigo blue / others say snow white, seat is the mind, pituitary gland, governs foreheard, ears, nose, left eye, base of skull, medulla, and nervous system, Aum= japa mantra

Sahasrara: violet, corresponds to the absolute, pineal gland, governs cranium, cerebral cortex, right eye, japa mantra = AUM

There are postures in yoga & Vedic Thai Yoga that help realign the energy channels individually and correspond to the chakra / lom. Also, the biofield tuning I do within a private yoga session in-person and or in Vedic Thai Yoga help to tap into the flow of energy with the chakra and energy channels. The Marma Chikitsa used along with the flower essence and or herbal compress to shift obstructions are very helpful as well.


Lotus anwen wachiwi Sagebrush

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