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Being with the Path

The Reusi Hermits from Thailand

The Thai word Reusi, like used also in the traditional Thai healing art Reusi Dat Ton, comes from the Indian Sanskrit word Riṣhi, which means Seer. In India, Rishis are considered enlightened beings. Old medicine paintings often will show the image of Buddha in the center and a reu-see to the Buddha's right and Dr. Jivaka Kumarabhacca to the left, clearly showing and indicating the high placement in medical history the reusi ascetics. This lineage is not dead. It lives on in people in Thailand, India, and all across the globe delving deep. You know when you are living it when you see, look, watch, be with truth respecting the great mystery and sit in your saddle in a good way.

The more I study and immerse into the roots of this divine path at my feet, and how it has entwined these past two decades with yogic living, the more I understand the way. The more cessation of suffering and the birthing of fresh yet ancient wisdom rises, you know. Squatting and walking out in the woods on the mountain side and daily embracing the real truth of being is divine. The path less taken. As I immerse into whole plant usage for family and others, the more I know I am home. The reusi are quiet hermit like folk, preferring the life in the forest and interacting with the Earth to learn how to heal with whole plant medicine, yogic roots, and be in service. Earth Medicine worship. You truly waste so very little when you live this way. Our water warming on the wood stove daily goes straight for our hands, body, dishes, then out to the earth. I pee outside knowing I am providing healthy nitrogen for future plants. Even our cats are looking at us as people and themselves with a new sense of wonder and acceptance. Every drop of water is precious life. I knew this before from listening to divine folk at temple spaces / ashrams, but more than ever.. I know now.. nothing is wasted and all is precious.

I connect with people when it is important and desired, and I am in service through the skills as old as time from the Earth. I am not living in fear with this cell division that taken place that pulls Jay and I away from society. I welcome it. Sure we are the most skint ever but that too shall pass because I know the great mystery is there watching us and being with us on our path. Remaining always the student and Being content living the Truth as a lady of the wood and in the bosom of mountain mamma, I am happy to continue this path on the good red road living in a good way. All the spiritual books are great, but the Truth is in living the truth.

Eventually our goal is to have a separate built apothecary hut aith the lord of the land's consent) for all bioregional herbalism and Thai yoga therapy, and one for our fine arts workshop space (side workie primal kiln pottery making to give to folk). I have been talking to Jay about her teen years and how I can possibly help her through her teen years ( now almost 12 and we feel it) with more ease and independence with having her help me build her own small structure in her teen years. In this way she lives with her mum but builds her independence with peaceful cohabitation. We all as parents, have to find our own truth with parenting and guiding these amazing souls onto their journey. Even with the tough times, and all parents know of it, the spiritual birthing that can come out of it leaves me in awe.

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