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Ashtanga Vinyasa Mantra

वन्दे गुरूणां चरणारविन्दे सन्दर्शितस्वात्मसुखावबोधे । निःश्रेयसे जाङ्गलिकायमाने संसारहालाहलमोहशान्त्यै ॥ आबाहुपुरुषाकारं शङ्खचक्रासिधारिणम् । सहस्रशिरसं श्वेतं प्रणमामि पतञ्जलिम् ॥

Oṃ Vandē gurūṇāṃ caraṇāravindē Sandarśitasvātmasukāvabōdhē | Niḥśrēyasē jāṅgalikāyamānē Saṃsārahālāhalamōhaśāntyai || Ābāhu puruṣākāraṃŚaṅkhacakrāsidhāriṇam | Sahasraśirasaṃ śvētaṃPraṇamāmi patañjalim || Oṃ


om I bow to the lotus feet of the Supreme Guru which awaken insight into the happiness of pure Being, which are the refuge, the jungle physician, which eliminate the delusion caused by the poisonous herb of Samsara (conditioned existence).

I prostrate before the sage Patanjali who has thousands of radiant, white heads (as the divine serpent, Ananta) and who has, as far as his arms, assumed the form of a man holding a conch shell (divine sound), a wheel (discus of light or infinite time) and a sword (discrimination). om

Closing Mantra

The Closing Prayer brings the practice to a peaceful end; sealing in the work done and offering the efforts of our practice to improve the state of the world. Om Svasthi Praja Bhyaha Pari Pala Yantam Nya Yena Margena Mahim Mahishaha Go Brahmanebhyaha Shubamastu Nityam Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu Om Shantih Shantih Shantih


May the rulers of the earth keep to the path of virtue For protecting the welfare of all generations. May the religious, and all peoples be forever blessed, May all beings everywhere be happy and free Om peace, peace, perfect peace

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