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Arthritis is inflammation of the synovial joints of the body and is one of the most common of all disabling diseases. In yoga this is not considered a disease, but rather a symptom of a widespread metabolic and pranic malfunction. Yogic practices long term can reduce drug dependency, maximize remaining mobility and function of the joints. Practice of all aspects of yoga living hopes to promote more happiness in the body.

Acid wastes, toxins, accumulate in the joint fluid and irritate the sensitive nerve fibres. If we can increase prana and movement in our joints, we can work to prevent degeneration.

The first series of Pawanmuktasana series is designed for joint mobility.

Suryanamaskara and Moon salutes need to be adopted into daily life as much as possible.

Abdominal breathing, bhastrika, nadhi shodhana, help to bolster the digestive and eliminative capacities.

Removing self-limiting attitudes is vital.

cooked light grains, fresh fruit and vegetables will take you far.

Amaroli - urine therapy practice is best.

walking, swimming, hiking, forest bathing, and meditate as much as you can.

blessings, Lotus anwen wachiwi sagebrush (satya)

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