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Picking Grapes
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Above and Below

How the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether) reside in our bodies adds to our uniqueness as an individual and how relate to our environment. For example, a person with a high percentage of earth element will probably be more ''down to earth'' but also slow to change. This type of constitution could be slower with an exercise schedule yet sturdy so it's good to have more of an invigorating Thai yoga therapy and yogic practice. Our unique fingerprint with the elements influences how our physical body & mind can get out of balance. A person with higher earth element may build more mucus in their body. It's important for this type of person in yogic practice and Thai Yoga therapy to have more chest openers ( bhujanghasana, ustrasana, marichyasana C, navasana, sirsasana, kapalabhati pranayama and nadhi shodhi) to clear their lungs, sinus and sluggish digestive system and invigorate them with more lymph and circulatory movement. Balancing our internal en

vironment with our external environment is the goal for harmony.

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