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Ways to help digestive power, loss of appetite, weight loss, unexplained anemia, & failure to thrive

"Malabsorption syndromes have much in common with cases of chronic hepatitis, in which listlessness, mental depression, loss of energy and interest in life are prominent manifestations." (Yogic management of common diseases, Karmananada

What is the underlying problem? Where there is poor diet (based on your constitution) and weak digestion / assimilation of foods, there may also be psychological aversion. There is somehow a subconscious rejection of the entire whole life situation and the environment. Meaning to life and healthy diet/ body must be jump started! There are holistic ways to help your self or other. Start every morning with just 3

suryanamasakara. Then, build each week and add more suryanamaskara until perhaps you get to at least 10 suryanamaskara per morning. Did you know practicing surya every day helps all your joints and systems of the body? The two asanas shown,bhungasana (above) and parvatanasana (right) are examples of two poses used in yoga therapy and Thai Yoga therapy, to remove blockages in the lower psychic centres of the body. Practice them after surya! Here are some other asanas you can add: majari-asana (helps remove low blockage); the

following activate the digestive: paschimottanasana,halasana, chakrasana, ardha matsyendrasana, and mayurasana. Again, most of all of these can be utilised, tailored in a yogic driven thai yoga therapy session with me to aide your healing process!

What about the 'power of breath'? Breath is life. Nadhi Shodhana (above-alternate nostril breath) and deergaswasm (right-three part breath) practiced with mild (beginner) to moderate (intermediate) retention (after inhale and exhale) are a great aide. One can book a sitting session with me to become confident in tailored sequence of pranayama(breath) /pratyahara(sense withdrawal)/ dharana (concentration) strategies and is recommended so you know what you are doing. Bhatrika, stoking the digestive fire takes time to learn but is helpful for sumana vayu and dig