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What is Herbalism?

Q & A webinar bimonthly $35 /month Yogic Management meets Vitalist Herbalism discussions starts when I got enough people ie. 10. sign up now, share with loved ones and friends this unique platform! This Q & A, when it manifests will target prevention through yoga therapy and herbalism with constitutional care. ie. All about your heart health. When it does start, the private FB group - Sagebrush teahouse is where you place your monthly / weekly questions for me and you can talk to me there any time. 


Simply put, herbalism is the practice of using fresh herbs and herbal preparations for better health, well-being, and vitality. Herbalism is an ancient and valuable healing practice. Today, practitioners combine herbalism with other holistic methods to support physical and emotional ailments.

Diet, work, personal relationships, and physical trauma can cause emotional and physical stress. Herbalism can address the things in life that put us out of balance and encourages our reconnection to Mother Earth.

From one of my teacher's, Sajah Popham in his book Evolutionary Herbalism p175, "Most important is that the vital force is never to be suppressed in any way whatsoever, unless it is necessary for the survival of the person, The subtle art of therapeutics rest in the ability to perceive and follow the body's vital intelligence and to work with it in a way that supports the innate wisdom of the organism to autoregulate and self-heal."

                                           Thank you Sajah Popham, well said.

If Are you looking for a natural solution to physical, mental, and or emotional imbalances? Contact Rosa Albus for a consultation and I will be happy to trouble shoot with you.


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