What I give through Rosa Albus are the tools I have used since my teen years to heal and work on the cessation of suffering with body/mind/heart and it has truly become Life Medicine. The word 'medicine' needs to be reclaimed. I have been dedicated and in service to my life's work in Yoga since 2002, and frankly, the spirit of it began throughout all of my teens and 20's as I studied Contemporary and Indigenous dance professionally until my late 20's. I am inspired and have studied on different levels by teachers respectively like Katherine Dunham, David Swenson, Indu Bhardwaj, Paramahansa Prajnanandaji, Pierce Salguero, Nephyr Jacobsen, The Herbal Academy, and The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. 

All Teachers and sages present and past, thank you.
Lotus Anwen Wachiwi Sagebrush (satya) Experienced Yoga Teacher, Vitalist herbalist, Herbal educator, Holistic Nutrition,
ULC Minister / Priestess, beyogi member


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Rosa Albus



As a farm family, we have a mission and vision to mend, nurture, and heal the bond between ourselves and Nature. 

The tools I use to bring you back into balance

with 'Self' and 'Nature' are Breath & Meditation, holistic nutrition,

diverse Vedic Yogic studies,

Vedic Thai (TTM), Herbal / Yoga / Spiritual Consults,

 Vitalist-Driven Herbalism and Education, Bioregional Herbalism, increase sustainable research in beekeeping, growing mycelium, soil food web, and increasing efforts through United Plant Savers for protecting endangered plants. 


Rosa Albus works on the mending, nurturing, healing, preserving and bonding with what we really are with the inner most self / atman and how we are a mirror image to Mother Earth and the Universe. We all need to tend to the holistic needs of the spirit living a human experience and remember our connection to Nature and the Universe. Through healing our body /mind/ heart relationship, we put that reflection back out to Nature.  We are responsible for the balance and healing of ourselves so that we can heal our planet, children, and create a more vibrant future for generations to come.

“Love is inner fulfillment. Love is a manifestation of purity, divinity, and liberty in every step of life, in every moment of life. Love transforms life.”

Paramahamsa Prajnanananda

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May we all remember our stewardship to the land and not pollute and harm our Mother. May my work to You be blessed by the Teachers (including Mother Nature /Deities) to help me, help you, remove obstacles, with gratitude and blessings.






SADHU NO BHANTE, I bow with you, well said

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Yoga and Herbal Consultation 

Herbal and Yoga consultations will address your constitution, imbalances, and how we can bring things back to homeostasis together through nature's wisdom. Need to deepen your Yoga practice? Come have some herbal tea

 in-person, meditate with me for a second, so I can see how I need

to tailor Yoga, Vedic Thai Yoga, herbalism and holistic nutrition. Consultations through Rosa Albus are about me having a spiritual & holistic approach to knowing your body/mind/emotional connections to your internal and external environment and the divine

Tea with Dates

Scheduled Delivery

Meeting Your Needs


When it comes to Rosa Albus Yoga & Herbal Apothecary, you can count on Anwen Wachiwi taking care with holistic support. It is Rosa Albus' mission long-term to minimize her carbon footprint. This holds true to the near future goals of being an organic herbal farm! All herbal formulations are delivered in biodegradable or recyclable containers. Know herbal consults can be helpful to make sure you are ordering / getting specialized formulations what you need based on your constitution.    See booking page for a Consult.

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Rosa Albus is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? I would love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate in reaching out today.

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